INNA - Till Forever (Official Audio)


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    Album 'Heartbreaker'

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    1. Jorge Jauregui

      Tiene que ser single

    2. Anamaria Marica

      Esti minunata!!!

    3. Morgan Alonso

      this sone is something esle...its magic ...i feel it in my mind

    4. Love Sick

      Why you sing soo cuteee

    5. Observator Google

      Share and request the song on radio!♥️👑 So many great songs during all these years we've received from Inna, let's help her reach the tops worldwide again, she deserves it♥️♥️♥️

    6. Pragati Choudhary

      How do you manage to come up with so many authentic songs?🤭pure gold💜


      Ne am desteptat

    8. kherise

      INNA, ai nevoie sa promovezi albumul, este super bun, merita sa fie cunoscut de toata lumea si sa iti fie retribuita pe masura munca ta si a echipei din spate

    9. ResurrectionX

      I wait forever behind the rainbow, 🌈 where the time is not

    10. Pramu Lyrics

      This song a really" perfect , Indonesia and romania ,lets go

    11. Mark MS

      A truly great song!! 🎶🎤❤️️

    12. Mirela S


    13. Mortimer .tm.71

      Wit tanks vor Astrid S

    14. Mortimer .tm.71

      Astrid S

    15. hitrus _73

      ))) красивая девушка с приятным голосом!!!

    16. Diptanu 4D

      This is one of her lit album came so far after a long time..❤️❤️❤️

    17. kadag meira

      sad how underrated.

    18. Misael Zarco Olvera

      Video clip 🔥❌👌

    19. Misael Zarco Olvera


    20. Mostafa Ahmad

      أنت جميلة جدا

    21. Sajid TheDeshiGamer


    22. Observator Google

      Share and request the song on radio!♥️👑 So many great songs during all these years we've received from Inna, let's help her reach the tops worldwide again, she deserves it♥️♥️♥️

    23. Helen Doherty

      Hi Inna! I do want to warn you about how young people could use you for the internet. I know that Rory Johnson was hacking the internet and he gets too much attention. Unfortunately hes autistic and he just loves himself. Every time I am in the car it's the unforgivable nursery rhyme. I was looking up how those grim fairytales books are so horrible and inhumane. Sorry about the awful things in the text. The last thing you want is to be illegally losing your music.

    24. Des Entertainment.

      INNA 💣💥🔥🚀

    25. Jorge Jauregui

      La mejor de todo el álbum ♥️🥲

    26. A Tkr


    27. Ислом Усто

      Super 💝

    28. Prens Kayra

      İ come here From Orkun İsitmak

    29. Abdelali Nafee

      love you to. ♥️💤👍🤷💁🧛

    30. Joy Starr

      Loved her since I was young girl 💖

    31. Martin Nikolov


    32. Gsltkakdmm

      waiting for the mv

    33. Badalshahi Badalshahi


    34. Ce Line


    35. sameh ebrahem

      love you and have followed you for many years when I released the song Yalla ...But I want to tell you that you excelled on this album⁦❤️⁩⁦❤️⁩⁦❤️⁩This song and also ... Heartbreaker❤️🙏👍👍👍👌👌👌🌹

    36. Saif Ullah


    37. MrJhonvick

      i miss you, you hurt me so bad...

    38. Itsoussamazaidi

      Such a talented queen all love and kisses from Algeria 🇩🇿

    39. Jorge Jauregui

      1 millón ♥️✨❤️

    40. m j

      بسیار زیبا 😉 very nice

    41. Oana Guther

      Cannot wait for the video!!!The song is amazing!! So underrated the song! Inna fa un super video sa faci super senzatie!🥰🤗😘

    42. Lexi Candy

      People watching this like: - in bed - not in full screen - reading comments

    43. Ioana Ciornei

      Daaaamn! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    44. Black Apple

      I found INNA with the Coca Cola Song and what did I get for it? The perfect underrathed singer queen!

    45. Veronika Stupar

      I need her to do a collab with Selena Gomez

    46. Lumi

      Superba piesa!

    47. Hera Ciprian

      You're wonderful...

    48. Gabriela Vasile

      The Best albummmm❤️


      Прекрасный трек, продолжай в таком же духе! 🎵


      waiting INNA to come India

    51. Николай Комков

      Из России с любовью ! Инна красотка !

    52. S K

      How boyz listen this?))) typical girl song wtf я угораю с вас хайванов она поёт какую-то дичь.

      1. Nurik Turganov

        Как ты смеешь про песни нашу принцессу 🤨

      2. INNA Kazakhstan

        @S K она перерожденная богиня Искусство!

      3. S K

        @INNA Kazakhstan богини были в древней Греции, это обычная девушка. Успокойся да.

      4. INNA Kazakhstan

        Она богиня

    53. Andreea Niță

      Pur și simplu mă face să plâng faptul că Inna nu e apreciată la noi în țară la nivelul la care ar trebui! Efectiv am început să ascult acest album, e pur și simplu PERFECT! nu înțeleg de ce nu e mai promovat, în state ar rupe efectiv

    54. Luciana Stanciu

      Îmi pare rău că în România nu este apreciată la adevarata ei valoare si nu înțeleg cum tineretul nu se orientează spre ea și spre acest gen de muzică...

    55. Alex SH

      This song must have a featuring with Selena Gómez. 😏

      1. kherise

        NAH, better a kpop collab

      2. Ce Line

        great idea, espeacially the part 0:27 habe to be sung by selena!! 😍😭

      3. Cesia____


      4. Nurik Turganov

        Yes we want

      5. INNA Kazakhstan


    56. Gsltkakdmm

      official video for this one🔥🔥

    57. M P


    58. OP- Music

      Q+U+E+E+N = INNA 🔥

    59. Jorge Jauregui

      Las escucho todos los días

    60. Jorge Jauregui

      Ojalá sea single

    61. Ioana Sassu


    62. Abdullah khan

      I'm your fan from Pakistan 🇵🇰

    63. MusicIsLife


    64. Wigadama

      If I have only ONE wish, I'd wish love and happiness for everyone on this planet. No more fighting and racism. Under the heavenly sky we are all human.

    65. Sowbhik Pradhan

      Every one born power want to meet with power and I think I meeted my born power with any other power I tell you to like your song power is not born power and born power is not power different

    66. arash mirzaie


    67. nguyet Kim


    68. Del Zahou


    69. Jorge Jauregui

      Esta es mi favorita

    70. Ancient Kings Enterprises

      This is a beautiful song when is an actual music video coming? I am waiting for it all the way from South Africa 🇿🇦 100% Zulu🔥🔥

    71. Briaa Bz


    72. mesi martis

      truly love the unusual sound of her new music. Inna is an artist she dares to experience with other genres and is brave enough to reflect her personality in her songs. has been a fan of her for a long time and will support her as long aa she is this creative

    73. Lindsayp

      I love this song, but Inna has done better and Inna/Party Never Ends are here two best albums in my opinion

    74. relax

      My favorite off the album!!

    75. One Touch Computer Technology

      Love you Inna music always with you

    76. OP- Music

      This is style 🤩

    77. Govind Kushvaha

      Hi ! my favourite world best 🥰🥰🥰

    78. jack larkson

      more like the old inna we love the most.

    79. OP- Music

      Amazing song 🙃🙃🙃

    80. INNA Kazakhstan


    81. Flavius Mersan

      I have the feeling that the video for this song will be the best Inna ever released

    82. manuelchelios


    83. Andi Syah

      Damn! Gettin' high wit this 'ALBUM' Luv so much from INA🇮🇩

    84. Aylin H

      I can't stop listening to this song :)

    85. LiZ M


    86. SmoothOperationofLaw™

      You are an awesome artist

    87. Khirendra Mandavi

      I'am crush for inna!!😍

    88. Ali Seymen Öztaş

      Hello I'm from Turkey 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

    89. Heroamir Haterworld

      Hi I am from Asia And i really want to travel to see U

    90. Prince Toufique

      Big fan from India 🇮🇳

    91. Hmoney91


    92. I'm someone.

      I love her. That's all.

    93. Nurkabyl Abdikarim


    94. Olga Guz

      Old Inna is back! I love this album ❤️

    95. Soccerstar Q

      I was the only one broken

    96. Soccerstar Q

      I promised nothing

    97. Soccerstar Q

      It was over long time ago

    98. Irene A.

      Most amazing song of this album, the lyrics, the vibe, the voice, both dancing and lyrical mood...

    99. Juan Carlos Chuco Huillca

      Ok like Inna. 😁😀🙋👈🌏