INNA - THICKY (Official Audio)


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    Album 'Heartbreaker'

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      Quiero vídeo oficial de está rola bien chingona 😍

    2. Esther Vegana Madrid


    3. 𝑆𝑜𝑛𝑔𝑠 シ︎


    4. 𝑆𝑜𝑛𝑔𝑠 シ︎


    5. wild enjoyment

      Woof.. Inna show ♥️🎵

    6. Barbara Grgurevic

      LOVE YOU INNA🥰🇲🇪

    7. Александр Бельченко

      INNA !!! Вы бесподобны !!!

    8. Observator Google

      Share and request the song on radio!♥️👑 So many great songs during all these years we've received from Inna, let's help her reach the tops worldwide again, she deserves it♥️♥️♥️

    9. Mario Lourenco

      😤 Sublime Pixel for presentation Album 🎶 the mix colors Mistery✨ and Passional💗 Nice Intense ❇

    10. Jorge Jauregui

      Omg la tetra es muy sexual

    11. Ben Imbert

      French kiss Inna j’adore ce titre ! Coup de foudre immédiat ❤️ Benoît from Toulouse

    12. Prens Kayra

      İ come here From Orkun İsitmak

    13. Ilona Liona

      Me Shaking my ass of While my Food is infront of me../ happy Food becomes a lap dance✌🏻💃🏻😄😄😄


      Es pura chingoneria esta mujer es una obra de arte❤️❤️💗

    15. Kata Rup

      Destination unknown 😝

    16. Stefania Anda

      From Romania with ❤️....Inna one of the best Romanian singers🥰🥰🥰never cease to amaze me and I’m proud to be Romanian 🌞

    17. Ekaterina Sadomichenko

      Когда будет клип?

    18. Ragana



      Fire 🔥🔥🔥🎈

    20. Ekaterina Sadomichenko


    21. Anita choudhary

      Thicky song OK music

    22. Mădălin Grigore

      Buna muzica🤩🤩😘

    23. Souvik Chatterjee

      Wow that's called really explicited lyrics

    24. Yustina Marroquín De Rivas


    25. Amirhosein Kardoust


    26. Denisse Venegas


    27. Mihaela Petrova

      teik it teik it mulchi we kurvo

    28. WinGedStar [Music]

      Я это перевёл😂😂😂 Мощно умеешь делать🔥🔥🔥 От сердца и души 💙💙💙💙💙💙💜

      1. sergo sergo

        Что получилось

    29. Andri Hermawan

      DANG 👨🏻

    30. Nasim Ziba

      😟😟I just didn't like the lyrics.She was a cute girl.☺What's gotten into her?😔I'd like her to sing just cute love songs again and not such dirty texts.😟😟

    31. lukus amongus

      Just . . . . a wee bit suggestive. Nobody wants to do the lyrics?

    32. Linda Simon


    33. Kato Maya

      We need video

    34. Bubble cat

      this deserves being an iconic single ❤️ is art

    35. Emilia

      Naughty Inna😂

    36. No comment 4K

      Piesa ara ceva sound arabesc imi place.

    37. Rylee Au

      This one also needs a music video!

    38. Andreea Niță

      Doamne, Inna te iubesc

    39. Гузель ГУЗЕЛЬ


    40. Lion Tiger

      Thank you INNA!☼

    41. Yessin Harroy

      Gay gay gay ❤️

    42. Wishmitha Katupitiya

      Hey You! Yes You! Stop Being Soo Cute. 😾💔

    43. Lismary Perez

      Perfect for workout

    44. Pablo Emanuel Larios cabrera

      Este es mi mayor pegado quierooo que saque videoo!!!!

    45. 차은우

      She's always innovating oml, my favorite song in the album ngl

    46. Jorge Verdejo Martinez


    47. Someone


    48. INNA Kazakhstan


    49. Andi Syah

      Damn! Gettin' high wit this 'ALBUM' Luv so much from INA🇮🇩

    50. Krys Ka

      This just begs for a collabo with Sofi Tukker. :D

    51. Aura Covrig

      Thick is good!!! And now, Go down, stay there , don't move

    52. Helen Doherty

      I love this song because I have to go the dentist on Monday morning. The dentist is most gorgeous and I am so nervous. I will have a shower and wash my hair I promise to do this. I would not friends if I broke my promises. Always have a shower and wash your hair before an appointment. Just trying to help you. From Helen Doherty


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    53. malepunker

      make video of this one.

    54. Nurkabyl Abdikarim


    55. Angelika Herisz

      Beat sounds simmilar to "D'banj - Oliver Twist", especially the beginning 🎵

    56. Vasilis Vasilakis



      👩‍💻inna per forza hai modificato la voce

    58. Rebeca Magallon

      Me encanta

    59. Cosmina-Cristina Ipate

      Wow!!! Inna - iguana!!! Maria - Ioana=‘we all smoke ‘ Nirvana!!!!🇷🇴🤑🤘🤘🤘

    60. Zinedine Rabdi

      Yes. old Inna 😍😍😘😘

    61. Thetrainingdog

      LUV U INNA Greetings from Colombia

    62. Cristi Bold

      Thicky's good! 👍👍🤘🤘🤘

    63. Formich King

      This beat reminds me a little to Destination calabria🔥

    64. Sky High

      Reminds me of INNA very early days in the ‘hot’ album. Great beat and well produced song. More like this INNA !!

    65. Diana Cozmeniuc Music

      This is different from her ,don t you think?

    66. Nuri Jafari

      Perfect Beat !

    67. Maroua Bou24


    68. Flavius Mersan

      She need to promote this more 🔥

    69. Nicola


    70. Raphael

      I love this song too !! Very 2015 vibes.

    71. heyMauroTech


    72. Stefan Mogîldea


    73. Stefan Mogîldea

      Me that's me nerds

    74. Gsltkakdmm

      sounds like an apple commercial :)



    76. Areli Serrano

      Amo a inna su música me prende ❤️❤️❤️

    77. Luna Ssr

      The thicky drama body in curse drive my body,wow like code control OTPOR/CANVAS in many country,thanks for WARNING !!!!

    78. Dorel Liscan

      👍❤️Nu mișcă nimeni???? ❤️👍🇷🇴

    79. khalil Itani


    80. khalil Itani

      waste of time listening to INNA's new album !!!!! realllly shit

    81. Tuoni

      Still needs little bit more energy

    82. Syenite Gaming

      Thicky ?? No You're Skinny 😂😂😂

    83. fadel mahade

      Who is your dj and who is your designer. ? 😀

    84. Ali Rezaee

      Ich tanze mit.

    85. madonnazone


    86. Jhosep Jhosep

      INNA LA REINA ❤❤❤👑❤❤❤


      Beautiful, O most beautiful girls of the earth

    88. Hijazi Records


      1. Douly Duvert

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    89. LuiX Lo

      Esta canción merece video!

    90. andrzej kowalski

      Inna where video :)?

    91. Globe Travlr

      The best thing to come out of 2020 🙌

    92. Playlovesports Games

      I love it , Girth !

    93. King Kings

      Beautiful girl really nice songs Heart breaker

    94. Cezar R

      Nooooo waaaaaay! This is hooooooot! INNA is just a bomb!

    95. Qais Anwary

      What the song wooooooow

    96. Mauro Mor

      I love this album!! The bass is definitely a pick me up. 🤩🥰😊

    97. Phone Oeif

      New vibes

    98. Hasan Saylan

      I love you 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷Hi Turkey