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    "Oh My God" official lyrics:
    So this kind of story
    I don’t wanna say too much
    A real vivid memory
    Of telling you with every touch
    Don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop
    For a minute
    Let go, let go, let go
    Cause I’m in it now
    I’m down for no sleep
    So come and give me all that lush
    Don’t you go and
    Waste time fighting the rhythm
    This time all is forgiven
    Be my sin for the evening now
    I’m busy trying to forget you
    I’m really trying to regret you
    But every night I get reminded of what I’ve not got
    You made my body your religion
    And now I’m praying that you keep your faith
    ‘Cause oh, oh my god, oh my god
    You get me all
    Oh my god, oh my god

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    1. kristina!

      I have followed her for years shes absolutely amazing better then the pop stars in the charts 🙌

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    18. Cornel Dena

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    31. Khalifah - The Asian Dogg

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